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                  The Pet Show

      One day my dad came home and said there is going to be a big pet show in our town.

"Thats big!" I said.I'm sure Baby will win."

Baby is our pet bird.She is really smart.She can do lots of tricks.She's very good at shaking her eyes and jumping through boxes.Her faverite food is pasta.It's the only thing she eats.

On the day of the pet show,I got up early and washed Baby and tied her faverite scarf around her neck.She looked cute.

I couldn't believe al the pets at the show.On one side of us was a cat.On the other side was a French poodle.At that point the judge came by.We showed them how Baby can lift a house on her nose.They were very impressed.

At the end of the day,the first prize went to a dog with red stripes.But Baby got a yellow ribbon for being the most smallest bird at the show.