Hi! Welcome To My Homepage I'm An Ice Skater

Hi my name is Corina Dawson.I am a ice skater.I have a little sister.If you have a little sister or brother  you know what I mean. They can be annoying.They are your best friends.Even if you say you don't love then but you do.Don't try to blame them for something you do.Just blame yourself.You must love them and care for them.If you get jealous don't be jealous.


If you have trouble reading here is some advice for you.First try to say the words if you can not read the words like book or sister you have trouble reading.Second look at the letters then try to sound them out.Third look for mini words with in the word.Fourth put the word together and say it.After you follow my steps you have become a better reader.


                    If You Give A Cat A Casserole



                 If you give a cat a casserole she will want a bowl .of milk to go with it. After she’s done she will ask for fish. After she is done she will wont a bath. After she is done with her bath, she will want you to brush her fur. She will be hungry again and ask for some more casserole, milk, and fish.




                                By Corina Dawson



Dear fellow web page visiter,

     This is Corina Dawson.The maker of this web page.I put a lot of work into this web page.


                           Hope you like my web page,

                  Corina Dawson


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